The Pros and Cons of Huawei Watch Ultimate: Our Honest Review

Huawei has recently announced the release of its latest smartwatch, the Huawei Watch Ultimate, with a sapphire crystal front, ceramic bezel, and zirconium front case. The watch also boasts a 100m water-resistant feature and swim-proof/diving capabilities, making it an ideal option for adventure enthusiasts. But, like any product, it has its pros and cons.


  • Durable and Reliable: The Huawei Watch Ultimate is built with high-quality materials, including sapphire crystal, ceramic, and zirconium, that ensure the watch's durability and reliability.
  • ECG Certification: The watch is ECG certified, making it possible to monitor heart activity.
  • Water-resistant: The Huawei Watch Ultimate has 100m water resistance and is also swim-proof/diving.
  • High-Resolution Display: The watch has an LTPO AMOLED display with a 466 x 466-pixel resolution, ensuring that users can view notifications and other information with excellent clarity.
  • Multiple Sensors: The Huawei Watch Ultimate has various sensors that include an accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, compass, SpO2, and thermometer.
  • Wireless Charging: The Huawei Watch Ultimate has wireless charging, making it more convenient and effortless to charge.


  • Limited Connectivity: The Huawei Watch Ultimate has no cellular connectivity and only uses Bluetooth for transmission acceleration.
  • No Camera: The watch does not have a camera, making it impossible to take photos or videos directly from the device.
  • No USB port: The watch lacks a USB port, making it difficult to connect to other devices directly.
  • Limited Memory: The Huawei Watch Ultimate has no memory card slot, making its internal storage limited.
  • Expensive: The Huawei Watch Ultimate is relatively expensive compared to other smartwatches in the market.


The Huawei Watch Ultimate is an excellent option for adventure enthusiasts who need a durable and reliable smartwatch that can withstand harsh conditions. The watch is also ideal for health enthusiasts who want to monitor their heart rate, SpO2, and body temperature. However, the limited connectivity options, no camera, and expensive price point may make it less attractive to some users. Overall, the Huawei Watch Ultimate is a premium smartwatch with high-end features that make it an excellent option for those who can afford it.

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